rant: people who ignore merge signs are jerks.

There's an enormous amount of pressure in the first sentence of your first blog to be super witty so you don't fail before you even begin. Chances are pretty good nobody will read the post besides your mother and some poor sap who googled "Channing Tatum naked" and found this instead. Yet still you (and by you I mean I) will sit and stare at the blinking cursor despite the fact that you've (I've) even created a posting schedule to make things easier on yourself (myself).

Mondays will be rant days, because what better day to bitch about something than on a Monday when everyone is already kind of pissy anyway? Unless you're one of those people who loves Mondays, which means you're either a lottery winner who no longer needs to work or you're one of those myths I've heard about, those people who actually have a job they enjoy. If you fall into either of those categories you fill me with hatred good for you. Or you might be like me and have a shitty non-traditional work week and Monday is actually your Sunday (or Saturday). If none of those three things apply to you and you still enjoy Mondays, be aware that psychosis is a treatable mental illness. No, it is.

If there were a word that meant rant + ramble, that would probably be a more accurate description of what subsequent Mondays will be like here on mustsnark. All I can come up with right now is ranble which doesn't work for me. Suggestions are welcome but will probably be summarily dismissed.

Four paragraphs in, let's get to today's rant, and it's about merging. Specifically, people who ignore the multitudes of "LANE ENDS MERGE RIGHT" signs before just kind of sidling the side of the highway and the correct lane until they weasel their way over. Generally for me this occurs in two lane exit ramps that merge into one lane to get on another highway. It happens everyday.
Car A is an asshole. Fact.
I'm sure some might say that it reflects a defect of character on my part that something like this fills me with unbridled rage. Obviously if you think that, you represent Car A and are above basic rules like Don't Drive Like a Dick and deserve it when I lay on my horn, even though you probably won't hear it because I drive a 2002 Honda Civic and my horn sounds like a Power Wheels Barbie Jeeps'.

I know that this atrocity will continue until GM or Ford gets their shit together and we finally have cars that drive themselves like in Minority Report, which I was under the impression should have happened years ago but whatever. Until then, just try not to be such an oblivious jackass because I already have high blood pressure and I can't imagine this degree of daily seething is healthy for anyone.
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