picture: a quiet mind.

Wednesdays are cheat days picture days. I have an awesome camera that I barely know how to use so I thought it might motivate me to take more pictures. I also thought it might help those of you out there who find my biting wit hard to swallow. Ha.

This photo is a cop-out. It was taken in 2009 with my old camera because honestly I've been too busy trying to figure out basic HTML I knew by heart in 1997 but since I'm old now I've forgotten everything and I know this is a run-on sentence but I think maybe it'll help you to understand just how frustrating that is.

So, 2009. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, upper lower peninsula of Michigan. That is I in probably one of my favorite places in all the lands. There's a steep drop a few hundred feet down to Lake Michigan there, and it's just so peaceful. Until bands of idiot teenage boys go running down despite all the warning signs. Of course, the payoff is then you get to watch as they realize that getting back to the top is going to really, really suck.

My mom took this picture of me being all zen, and while there is a lot I wish I could change about my, uh, looks, I still like this picture because it reminds me of how damned happy I was sitting on the top of the world.
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